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Facebook has introduced a new feature called the Top Fan Badge for Facebook Pages.  Top Fan Badges set you apart as one of our most engaged followers on Facebook. An exclusive badge will appear by your name whenever you comment on our posts, as well as show your profile in a list of our Top Fans on the Community Tab on our Facebook Page. We want to make it worth your while to be our Top Fan!  Once a month we will randomly select from our Top Fans one or sometimes a few people to win FREE PRIZES from Deluxe Nails Spa. 

Benefits Of Being Our Top Fan

  • Exclusive badge by your name on our Facebook Page when commenting.
  • Your profile will appear on our Community Tab ranking our Top Fans
  • Exclusive entry into monthly prize drawings only available to our Top Fans

How Top Fans Help Us

Facebook’s algorithms automatically display posts that get more engagement (liking, commenting, sharing) to more people.  Our Top Fans help us by increasing our reach to more people on Facebook.  We could spend money on Sponsored Ads with Facebook to achieve this goal.  Rather than us giving money to big corporations we’d rather invest locally in you… Our Top Fans!

How To Earn a Top Fan Badge

It’s important to know that we have zero control over who Facebook invites to accept our Top Fan Badges.  Facebook invites users via a notification (I believe weekly) to accept Top Fan Badges from the pages they are MOST engaged with, and the user must accept the badge invitation.  To earn the badge invitation from Facebook do ALL of the following as often as you can:

  1. REACT by Liking or Hearting as many of our Facebook Posts as you can
  2. COMMENT on as many of our Facebook Posts as you can
  3. SHARE our posts and Tag your friends

Those who Facebook determines does the above 3 things the most will earn an invite for our Top Fan Badge. 

Make sure you don’t miss our posts by taking the following steps:

1. Like our Facebook Page by clicking the thumbs up button as shown below

2.  Click the 3 dots “…” button under the Like button referenced above

3.  Click Manage follow settings

4.  Change the News Feed Settings from Default

5.  Select Favorites

Don’t Lose Your Badge

Top Fan Badges are NOT permanent unless you stay engaged with our posts.  Facebook updates based on activity weekly.  You are entered to win prizes for only the months you have a Top Fan Badge at the time of the prize drawing.  You can be entered every month by staying engaged with us on Facebook.  You don’t need to be a current customer to win. 

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