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We are proud to announce the launch of our new website!  There are many exciting features and even more things to come.

From our Home Page visitors can check our latest News & Promotions (subscribe to our blog here to be notified of new updates), view our Services, scroll a gallery of some of our best work, check out our current Team, and Book appointments from our website (currently links to existing Facebook booking platform).



Scrolling down our home page visitors will find an about us section, a section to join our email list, a testimonials section, a map & contact info section, a lastly (one of our favorite features) a footer section that updates daily with the 5 most recent pictures uploaded to our instagram page:



We hope you will take a moment to explore our new website and give us your feedback!

Things To Come:

With our new site launch we are working on more features to come.

  1.  We are working on a new online booking platform to replace Facebook (since not everyone uses Facebook).
  2. We have begun converting our stamp card loyalty program to a points system tracked through our check-in app at the salon.  We are still offering the $10 off discount, but instead of keeping up with a stamp card it will be tracked for you in our check-in system.  Your existing stamps will be converted at your next visit, so they are not lost.
  3. We plan to add a products section in the future (fingers crossed) so that our salon products can be purchased from our website or at our salon.

What other features or suggestions do you have?  Let us hear from you.


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